Cleaning Extras

Please request extra cleaning tasks no less than 48 hours in advance.

Fridge Clean-out - $25
Includes taking your fridge apart and scrubbing each individual piece, sides, fridge floor, and dusting the intake vent at the bottom

Fridge + Freezer Clean-out - $50

Includes taking your fridge + freezer apart and scrubbing each individual piece, sides and bottom, and dusting the intake vent at the bottom

Trash Bin Wash-Out- $5/bin
Clean, sanitize and even use some Magic Eraser for scuffs and stuck-on stuff

Oven Interior Clean- $50

We use extra strength oven cleaner (not natural), heat, and steel wool to scrub away built-up grime inside of the oven. Includes oven racks, drawer, cooking surface, and exterior polish.

Linen Change- $5/bed, twin beds counted as 1/2
Strip and replace bed with fresh linens

Scrub-Brush baseboards- Priced by project
We don’t typically have enough time to take a scrub brush/toothbrush to your baseboards, but they might need it!


Move out and clean behind/under furniture- Priced by project
You wouldn’t believe what’s lurking under your furniture. We can move couches, tables, etc. (Not too heavy) and clean the floor under and wall/baseboard behind furniture. We will also likely find some excellent treasures such as Barbie’s missing shoes, dog toys, and change. Furniture must be prepped so it does not scratch floor. We’ll need a floor-scratch liability release as well.


Scrub-A-Dub Blinds- Priced by Project
We always have our eye out for dust on blinds, but if they are past the point of dry-dusting, we can set aside extra time to give ‘em a good wet wipe. The increase in the feeling of clean and overall brightness in a room is unexpectedly excellent.

Built-in/ Shelf Clean- $15+ per unit

Remove items on built-ins, entertainment centers, and large bookshelves, wipe, and replace items

Window Interior Cleaning- -$2 per window
Includes cleaning of frame, sill, interior glass, and crossbars


Are there any specialty cleaning items you’d like to see added to our Extras list? Let us know!