Our Phenominal Team

Andrea Smith Fein


Andrea started At Home GR in March of 2017. She left a career teaching English and Spanish to pursue her dream of being an entrepreneur. Her favorite saying is "I want to be a millionaire so I can give my money away."

Laurie S.

Assistant Manager

Laurie is Andrea's sister and second in command. She started with At Home GR in July of 2017. Laurie loves  caring for her family, arts and crafts, and enjoys a good Golumpki.

Qua P.

Team Expert

Qua started with At Home GR in March of 2018. She is detail-oriented, easy-going, and has a great sense of humor. In her free time, Qua cares for her 2 boys, sometimes finding time to play the drums (she's really good at it!).

Jenna G.

Expert Trainer

Jenna started with At Home GR in June 2019. She is experienced in post-construction, meticulous cleaning. Jenna enjoys spending time with her two children, listening to music, and hanging out at the pool.

Jazmyn S.

Expert Trainer

Jazmyn started with At Home GR in February 2020. She brings with her experience in customer service and team management. Jazmyn is extremely detail-oriented and is very upbeat! In her free time, Jazmyn likes to spend time with family, create art, and teach gymnastics.

Samantha H.

Team Expert

Samantha started with At Home GR in July of 2020. She is well-versed in detailed cleaning and sanitizing, as she previously cleaned hospitals. In her free time, Samantha likes to go to the beach and care for her family.

Brie J.

Team Member

Brie started with At Home GR in August 2020. She is experienced in customer service and is team oriented. In her free time, Brie is a member of the Army Reserve and finds ways to stay creative.

Payton B.

Team Member

Payton started with At Home GR in September 2020. She is currently attending MSU in pursuit of a degree in Orthodontics. Payton is driven, focused, and easy to be around. In her free time, Payton enjoys being active, even training for a triathlon.

Nattassia S.

Team Member

Nattassia started with At Home GR in October 2020. She has over 15 years' experience in professional cleaning. Nattassia is kind, driven, and great at what she does! In her free time, Nattassia enjoys caring for her two children.